Simone Ellis

Madeleine wears
The Hero Gown & Leather Harness

We Are


I am a flower like no other - yet I am a flower, therefore there is no need to compare, but only appreciate the blooming of another.

This is the next couture collection release by fashion designer Simone Ellis in early 2019. As with all of Simone's collections there is an underlying calling that each collection is offering, a deeper meaning and undercurrent of inspiration.

We are Flowers is a calling into the fullness of your full potential like that of a flower coming into the fullness of its bloom.

Hold not back your greatness as the garden of the universe requires all to bloom as only then will we return.

This collection was  presented on the 9th Feb during the NYFW 2019.

All floral blooms painted and supplied by Diana Watson
Print Development by Madeleine North her granddaughter.
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