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Simone Ellis Fashion


Garments that are simply beautiful.


Fashion. Work. Life.

Simone Ellis has been designing and making garments for the past 20 years. Reconnecting to her love of fashion design in her late 20’s, Simone studied Fashion & Design at TAFE and has since taught herself to make couture gowns and tailored garments.


She now works out of her beautiful studio in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate Fashion Precinct. Her pieces are published in magazines all over the world and she has presented some of her gowns at New York Fashion Week in 2019 and is looking to show again in 2024 in both NY & Paris. 


Simone connects to the essence of a woman and this informs how to dress her, always honouring the beauty and grace of the woman. Every woman is deeply beautiful – this is not just some passed around lofty ideal, this is lived daily by Simone Ellis and her atelier team.


At Simone Ellis we are dedicated to support each woman to feel beauty-full. 

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My love in fashion is seeing people dressed in a way that supports them to move as they truly are, so when they catch a glimpse of themself in a mirror or a reflection in a window they are confirmed in their beauty and joy.


To nurture, support and express the sass and beauty of our being is what fashion is all about for Simone Ellis.


And as with all things, fashion is first and formost an energetic expression. We create pieces that the Clients and Customers call for to see and experience, it is not for us to impose a trend, but it is rather about meeting the client in their expression so that they feel at home in their new garment. That is not to say that there will not be pieces that are trendy or trend setting, but the garment will always be what has been called for by the Clients first and foremost. And together we ensure that their sass, spunk and beauty will always come out to shine.


We often are told that we are ahead of time – and this is indeed so.  But we would express it like so – we love living outside of time and embrace the challenge of delivering a new way of True Fashion & Style.


Walk through our atelier doors, both in person or online and you will immediately know that there is great magic at hand and that it is here for everyone.


The clothes we wear everyday can either be a confirmation of our innate beauty ...

or they can be a configuration that diminish our beauty.

It is wise to know the difference.

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